There are many attractive places in the world that are beautiful but without local services offering the standard, quality and choice of produce that you find in France. We can send you yacht supplies and chalet or villa produce wherever you are, just ask us. Transport is invoiced at cost price:

  • Deliveries all over Europe, using our own Gourmet Deliveries refrigerated vehicles to ensure that fresh and frozen goods arrive in excellent condition
  • The most popular destinations in Europe are: Corsica, Sardinia, Capri, Naples, Spain, Palma, Italy, Germany, Greece and the Greek Islands and Turkey.
  • We make deliveries Worldwide, using airfreight, directly from our base in Paris. Just send us your order, we deal with everything else: shipping, French customs and health authorities, contact with your local agent and any other details.
  • The most popular worldwide destinations are: The Seychelles, Maldives and the Caribbean.

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Tax Free Deliveries

We can deliver tax free to your yacht, however there are specific requirements:

Please specify at least 48 hours prior to delivery if you require a tax free delivery.

Please provide us with :

  • A valid certificate of commercial registry,
  • An updated crew list
  • A charter agreement

Customs charge a custom clearance fee that varies according to the port, day and time of delivery. In view of the custom clearance fee, we can always figure out if it is worthwhile for you to buy tax free or not.

If we have delivered to you with VAT, the invoice cannot be changed to a VAT free invoice.

Goods cannot be returned to us once they have cleared customs.

  • Simply the BEST! It has been 11 years and I have never, ever, had a bad experience with¬†Gourmet Deliveries

    Chef M/Y 80m

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