Exceptional Flowers

Gourmet Deliveries is delighted to have our own in-house florist who can create the most stunning creations for your villa or yacht.

  • Freshest Cut Flowers
  • Dramatic Creations
  • Hand-Tied Bouquets
  • Exotic Arrangements
  • Luscious greenery
  • Artificial plants

Our florist is fabulous at working with our clients to meet their requirements whilst always ensuring the highest level of service and value. He is a genius at making flowers come alive and we all know that they can make a room or an event become special. We are very happy to come on board if you need any help, we can tell you what is good at the market and what is in season at the time that you need them.

We can ship anywhere you need and are always happy to give you quotes. Do contact us so that we can help make your surroundings even more exquisite.

  • Simply the BEST! It has been 11 years and I have never, ever, had a bad experience with¬†Gourmet Deliveries

    Chef M/Y 80m

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